Authorised Sellers Policy

A prevalent and known issue in the Darbuka market is the sale of counterfeit instruments with our branding on them. Therefore, we encourage our community to read through our Authorised Sellers Policy to familiarise themselves with our stance on official Gawharet El Fan products.

Authorised Logos

A good first step to ensuring that your Darbuka was made by us is to check the logos prevalent on your instrument to ensure that one of our authorised logos is used. Our current active logos are displayed below. These are the only active authorised logos, and as such we would consider any Darbukas sold without these logos as counterfeit.

The Marching Band Logo

Authorised - In active use

This is our current registered logo, first used in 1996. This logo is usually seen on the Darbuka head and branding.

Arabic Engraved Logo

Authorised - In active use

This logo is the logo we currently engrave into our Darbukas in Arabic to show that the drum was made by a craftsman trained in the Lotfy process. This logo is usually found at the base of a Gawharet El Fan Darbuka.

GEF Bronze Badge Logo

Authorised - No longer in active use

This modern logo was used occasionally on our products, but has since been discontinued. We now only distribute products with our Arabic Engraved Logo through our Official Sales Channels. Note that some Authorised Retailers may still use this logo.

This logo is not to be confused with a gold logo with a treble clef symbol on it. This counterfeit gold Treble Clef logo is not authorised by Gawharet El Fan.

Official Sales Channels

You can either purchase an official Gawharet El Fan Darbuka from one of our Official Sales Channels or one of our Authorised Retailers. Our Official Sales Channels are the most legitimate way that you can be guaranteed an incredible Gawharet El Fan Darbuka. These Official Sales Channels are also the only platforms to purchase Export Grade products.

Our Flagsip Store in Cairo

Official Sales Channel

Our Nasr City store in Cairo, Egypt is our global flagsip store, and also our Headquarters for Africa & The Middle East. 

Our Official Online Store

Official Sales Channel

Our official website, is an Official Sales Channel through which we sell our highest quality products. It contains only the most refined designs, and guarantees excellent customer service and customer support to our global audience.

Virgin Megastores

Official Sales Channel

From 2020, we have officially partnered with Virgin Megastores across North Africa to distribute our highest level designs, including our famous Export Grade collection. 

African Drumming

Official Sales Channel

In 2022 we established our first official partner in Australia. You can purchase from their physical stores and browse their other products at

Authorised Repair Services

Our partnered repair services offer high-quality care for your damaged instruments. We know that accidents happen so our partners are here to ensure that you don't have to through away your treasured works of art and instead can have your Gawharet El Fan products carefully serviced by our Authorised Repair Services.

Drum Dr

Authorised Repair Services

Drum Dr is a group of musicians who specialise in repairing Middle Eastern/Arabian and African percussion instruments. Find their website at 

Authorised Retailers

There are many Authorised Retailers of our products around the world, and we love working with all kinds of businesses, stores and influences in the Darbuka field. 

We welcome any potential customer to email us at to check that a retailer is authorised by us to distribute our products. 

Furthermore, we would recommend any retailer that wishes to purchase from us or gain authorisation to sell our products, to email us at