Export Grade

As part of our 2020 global expansion, we introduced Export Grade.

Unrivalled Quality

World-Renown Craftsmanship

Export Grade consists solely of the most incredible Darbukas that can be found anywhere in the world. It is our signature stamp of approval, assuring any potential buyer that the product that they are purchasing is of the highest possible quality.

How Export Grade is Made

Our Export Grade products are crafted from only the best materials, by the best craftsmen, and for only the right customers. The culmination of these factors results in an instrument which is not to be underestimated, and a truly incredible feat of accomplishment.

The Right Craftsman
Only our most experienced craftsmen, those who have passed the mastercraftsmen gateway, are permitted to work on our Export Grade collections. They are required to have at least have 10 years of experience working with the Lotfy Process, and they are selected individually by Abdel-Nasser Lotfy himself to work on the Export Grade.

The Right Materials.
From the aluminium shells that are selected all the way to the Mother of Pearl that is used in the design, the materials used in the Export Grade are of the highest quality. From the tonnes of Australian Mother of Pearl that is used Egyptian Mother of Pearl handcraft, only the best pieces are selected to be part of the Export Grade.

Impeccable Sound Quality.
We ensure that the Export Grade not only looks good but also sounds phenomenal. To do this, we ensure that each Darbuka in Export Grade is tuned and toned by a professional Darbuka player. The player will assess the sound quality to ensure that it is truly an instrument that can be played at the highest professional level.

How To Purchase Export Grade

Buy Online or In Store

Export Graded products are highly exclusive and must be purchased from an official sales channel to ensure they are legitimate and meet all of our requirements. Currently, there are 3 places to purchase Export Grade:

1. Our official website (gawharetelfan.com)
2. Our Nasr City branch in Cairo, Egypt
3. Virgin Megastores across Egypt

Note that only our main collection Sombaty model are Export Grade. All Export Grade models will be clearly marked on the item description page. All custom builds are also considered Export Grade.