Gawharet El Fan are committed to being at the forefront of all innovation in the Darbuka world.

Constant Improvement

Since 1938, we have been innovating. Our technical prowess in the Darbuka is unrivalled, with our expert craftsmen understanding every single part of this incredible instrument. 


The Darbuka is known for its stunning designs and excellent build quality. Our craftsmen understand this and strive to build each instrument to the highest specification possible.

Sound Quality

At it's most functional point, the Darbuka is a musical instrument. It needs the capability to produce a wide spectrum of sounds. We understand and ensure this.

Deep Understanding

With 80 years of experience in this field, we've adapted and tweaked our Darbukas to ensure they're absolutely perfect. Our craftsman have a deep understanding of this instrument, and it shows in the finished product. 

Decades of Improvements

Read through how our instruments developed and changed over the years. To compare the first Darbukas we ever made to our current products brings us an immense deal of pride. Almost a century of changes, innovations, and hard work has gone into improving our products. Collaborations with countless craftsmen, artists, and engineers took place to bring you the instruments you see today. 

The Original Clay Darbuka


The original Darbuka. These were the first Darbukas we ever created. This is the Darbuka that Egypt was known for, and the Darbukas that you can find in any Egyptian street market. This is where our journey began, and the starting point for countless innovations.

The Coloured Plastics Clay Darbuka


In 1945, we introduced the use of black, white, and coloured plastics into our Darbukas. These would be overlain over the Darbuka and sealed with glue to form geometric designs. This process was widespread throughout Egypt and part of the Egyptian culture.

The Mother of Pearl Clay Darbuka


In 1977, we brought the Mother of Pearl Clay Darbuka to the world, being the first company ever to use Mother of Pearl with the Darbuka. It was an overnight success. The shine and glisten of the Mother of Pearl would enrapture both players and audiences alike with the beauty of the Darbuka.

The Mother of Pearl Metal Darbuka


Following the success of the Mother of Pearl Clay Darbuka, we replicated the incredible geometric designs over a metal Darbuka. The metal Darbuka had the advantage of being easier to work with, more durable, and creating a more upbeat and exciting sound.

The Omani Mother of Pearl Darbuka


In 1985, a far superior quality of the Mother of Pearl was identified in Oman that was suitable for use with our Mother of Pearl Darbukas. After initial testing was complete, this Omani Mother of Pearl was used across all of our Darbukas.

The Australian Mother of Pearl Darbuka


It quickly became apparent how much of an improvement Omani Mother of Pearl was over Egyptian Mother of Pearl. We decided to order samples of the highest quality Mother of Pearl from around the world to launch our Australian Mother of Pearl lines in 1989.

The Sombaty Darbuka


With the international growth in demand for the Darbuka, and the increase in the number of professional players, a newer style of Darbuka was developed named the Sombaty Darbuka. It is a larger sized Darbuka with an increased playing area to allow for a broader spectrum of sounds to be created.

The Tall Metal Darbuka


While the sound quality of the original size Darbuka was satisfactory, improvements in global trade conditions meant it was easier to purchase high-quality aluminium in large quantities. Therefore, we increased the size and weight of our main Darbuka lines, vastly improving their quality.

The Blue Mother of Pearl Darbuka


In 2008, we sourced Blue Mother of Pearl for the first time, from abalone instead of pearl oysters. The Blue Mother of Pearl glistened blue, green, and purple. This opened up a vast range of new designs, and our craftsmen got to work on these incredible new designs.

The Glossed Mother of Pearl Darbuka


The Mother of Pearl Darbuka attracted fame from around the world. We responded by designing a unique gloss to coat our Darbukas with, giving them even more shine and transforming the Darbuka into a truly premium and world-class product.

The Wood Designs Darbuka


In 2010, Abdel-Nasser Lotfy finally finished the first prototype of a wooden Darbuka that he had been working on for almost a year. Collaborations with expert carpenters enabled the Darbuka to truly capture a natural and earthy design while not affecting sound quality.

The Artistic Designs Sombaty Darbuka


Another innovation that had been in the pipeline for decades, the Artistic Designs Sombaty, was finally completed in 2019. This was an incredible collaboration between some of our expert Darbuka craftsmen and renowned Egyptian artists. It quickly grew in fame throughout the world.

The Pearl Hues Collection


In 2019, we collaborated with Malik Instruments to launch our first collection specifically designed for the Western Market, the Pearl Hues Collection. It was this collaboration that would ultimately lead to Gawharet El Fan merging with Malik Instruments.

The Export Grade Collection


Launched as part of our merger with Malik Instruments, we introduced the Export Grade, a range of products refined to the highest-level. The Export Grade products are manufactured by only our top-level mastercraftsmen. It is a genuinely premium and exclusive collection only sold by select stores.