Authorised Sellers Policy

A prevalent and known issue in the Darbuka market is the sale of counterfeit instruments with our branding on them. Therefore, we encourage our community to read through our Authorised Sellers Policy to familiarise themselves with our stance on official Gawharet El Fan products.

Official Sales Channels

You can either purchase an official Gawharet El Fan Darbuka from one of our Official Sales Channels or one of our Authorised Retailers. Our Official Sales Channels are the most legitimate way that you can be guaranteed an incredible Gawharet El Fan Darbuka. These Official Sales Channels are also the only platforms to purchase Export Grade products.

Our Flagsip Store in Cairo

Official Sales Channel

Our Nasr City store in Cairo, Egypt is our global flagsip store, and also our Headquarters for Africa & The Middle East. 

Our Official Online Store

Official Sales Channel

Our official website, is an Official Sales Channel through which we sell our highest quality products. It contains only the most refined designs, and guarantees excellent customer service and customer support to our global audience.

Virgin Megastores

Official Sales Channel

From 2020, we have officially partnered with Virgin Megastores across North Africa to distribute our highest level designs, including our famous Export Grade collection. 

African Drumming

Official Sales Channel (Australia)

In 2022 we established our first official partner in Australia. You can purchase from their physical stores and browse their other products at


Official Sales Channel (Japan)

One of the very famous ethnic musical instruments store in Japan , We have been dealing for more than 15 years. You can buy our products through his website and physical store in Kyoto City , Japan.

Delaram Music

Official Sales Channel (Iran)

Delaram Music in Tehran IRAN , You can purchase our products from their physical store in Tehran or through their online store

Zuhal Muzik

Official Sales Channel (Turkey)

Zuhal Muzik Turkey , is among the World's 100 Best Stores , awarded as the 100rd among the World's Top 3 Music Stores in the competition organized by NAMM, the most prestigious organization of the music industry. You can buy our products from their +10 physical music stores in Turkey or through their online website

Svet Bubnov

Official Sales Channel (Slovakia)

Svet Bubnov , Our first distributor in SLOVAKIA. You can find our products in their physical stores in Pezinská 5104, 901 01, Malacky Slovakia , through their website


Official Sales Channel (Cyprus)

Biggest music stores company in Cyprus , Evanglismos , they are now our official distributors in Cyprus. You can buy from their physical stores in Cyprus or through their website

Beit Doumbak

Official Sales Channel (United States Of America)

We started partnership with beit doumbak in 2022 in USA , you can buy our products through their online store


Official Sales Channel (China)

You can buy any of our products through 思迪中东鼓 , they have a full range of our products!

Kairos Rhythm Instruments

Official Sales Channel (Hungary)

You can buy any of our products through Kairos Rhythm Instruments in Budapest , Hungary


Official Sales Channel (Greece)

PHILIPPOS NAKAS, Biggest and most famous music stores in Greece. You can find any of our products in their physical stores and on their website!