2020 Gawharet El Fan Merger With Malik Instruments

One of the most important events in Darbuka history, Gawharet El Fan have merged with Malik Instruments to form a new, global Gawharet El Fan, with a global reach and supply chain, and new, incredible quality products.

A Message To Our Global Community

I am pleased to announce that Malik Instruments have entered into a merger agreement with global Arabic Music giants, Gawharet El Fan. This merger is sure to change the landscape of the Darbuka and wider Arabic Music world.  The combination of Malik Instruments’ global supply chain, sales power and digital assets, combined with Gawharet El Fan’s 82 years of manufacturing history and expertise will benefit the Darbuka community greatly. It will provide an opportunity that has never before been available; the ability for people from anywhere in the world to purchase and interact directly with Gawharet El Fan, the creators of the Mother of Pearl Darbuka.

I will be taking on the role of Managing Director for Europe and North America to lead Gawharet El Fan’s London headquarters. We will be working closely with our Global CEO Abdel-Nasser Lotfy, and our Global COO Youssef Lotfy. With our combined resources, and our incredible teams, we are sure to change the world of oriental instruments forevermore. 

Ibraheem Malik

Managing Director (Europe & North America)

A History Dating Back to 1938

Since its establishment in 1938 by Farouk Lotfy, Gawharet El Fan have been a key player in the Oriental Instruments market. From 1977, the year Abdel-Nasser Lotfy invented the Lotfy Process and created the first ever Mother of Pearl Darbuka, we have been the backbone of the global Darbuka trade. 

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In 2020, our leadership team made the decision to merge with Malik Instruments, an international Darbuka retailer and wholesaler based in London, UK. This decision allowed us to pool our resources with Malik Instruments to launch a Headquarters in London to serve the European and North American markets.

A Truly Global Team

Our Global Headquarters will still be based out of Cairo, Egypt, under the leadership of father and son duo, Abdel-Nasser Lotfy (Global CEO) and Youssef Lotfy (Global COO). Gawharet El Fan will remain a family owned business commited to serving our community with our innovations and our expert insight in this market.

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We are very pleased to have Ibraheem Malik, formerly CEO of Malik Instruments, formally join our team as Managing Director for Europe and North America. We have no doubt that under Ibraheem Malik's leadership, we will completely transform the world of Oriental Instruments as we know it to ensure that only the highest quality authentic Egyptian instruments are sold in Western World.

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The Launch of Our Online Store

To provide a platform for anyone regardless of their location to purchase our products or get in touch with us, we have launched our online store www.gawharetelfan.com. This website is the ultimate destination for anyone wishing to purchase a high quality oriental instrument directly from us, and the team we have assembled to run this online store is made up of some of the best members of our team. Our community is guaranteed to love our online store. 

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To provide our community with the peace of mind they need when purchasing our instruments from around the world, we have launched Export Grade. Export Grade consists solely of the most incredible Darbukas that can be found anywhere in the world. It is our signature stamp of approval, assuring any potential buyer that the product that they are purchasing is of the highest possible quality.

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