2020 Gawharet El Fan Global Launch

One of the most important events in Darbuka history, Gawharet El Fan have merged with Malik Instruments to form a new, global Gawharet El Fan, with a new website and a global reach.

A Message To Our Global Community

علي مدار ٨٠ عاما سعينا جاهدين الي تقديم افضل جودة و منتج للعازفين في كل انحاء العالم. مع احتفالاتنا هذا العام ب ٨٠ عاما من صناعة الالات الموسيقية الشرقية نعلن رسميا عن افتتاح اول مقر لشركة جوهرة الفن خارج بلدنا العظيمة مصر! ،الان في انجلترا كأول دولة لكنها البداية فقط لسلسة فروعنا في انحاء العالم! نعلن ايضا عن انشاء موقعنا الالكتروني الرسمي الذي سيساعد في التواصل مع كل العازفين في جميع انحاء العالم. الأشهر القادمة ستكون مليئة بالمفاجئات لجميع عملائنا في جميع انحاء العالم! كل الشكر لكل من شارك في هذا الافتتاح الذي سيغير من وجهة الالات الشرقية في العالم الي الافضل.

"For over 80 years we have worked tirelessly to provide the best quality instruments for musicians from around the world. This year, we celebrate 80 years of history in the Oriental Instruments industry.

We would like to officially announce the opening of the first Gawharet El Fan headquarters outside Egypt! With our first headquarters being opened in England, we intend for this to be a chain of branches being opened around the world.

We would also like to announce the creation of our official website, which will help us engage with musicians from all around the world.

We are confident that the coming months will be full of surprises to our customers from around the world. We would like to thank everyone that participated in this launch and helped us change the world of oriental instruments for the better.” 

Abdel-Nasser Lotfy

Global CEO

3 Generations Of Excellence

The Launch of Gawharet El Fan Global

A Global Headquarters in Cairo, Egypt

Our Global Headquarters will still be based out of Cairo, Egypt, under the leadership of father and son duo, Abdel-Nasser Lotfy (Global CEO) and Youssef Lotfy (Global COO). Gawharet El Fan will remain a family owned business commited to serving our community with our innovations and our expert insight in this market.

A Western Headquarters in London, UK

A new Western Headquarters has been established for Gawharet El Fan to truly access the European and North American markets. This headquarters, led by Ibraheem Malik, is situated in London, one the most powerful cities in the world. The London Headquarters will help people from the global market reliably access Gawharet El Fan.

A Global Supply Chain

To facilitate making our products available internationally, we have created a global supply chain allowing our products to be transported from our Global Headquarters in Cairo to our warehouses across the world. From London to Vienna, the USA's East Coast to its West Coast, and across Africa and the Middle East, we now stock our products in warehouses around the world.

The Introduction of Export Grade

To provide our community with the peace of mind they need when purchasing our instruments from around the world, we have launched Export Grade. Export Grade consists solely of the most incredible Darbukas that can be found anywhere in the world. It is our signature stamp of approval, assuring any potential buyer that the product that they are purchasing is of the highest possible quality.

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Our Leadership Team

Abdel-Nasser Lotfy | Global CEO

Abdel-Nasser Lotfy, having led the company for over 40 years, leads Gawharet El Fan as our Global Chief Executive Officer. Abdel-Nasser has refined the Darbuka manufacturing process to a level that has never been seen in the world before. He has always been the leader and creator of innovative ideas in the Darbuka industry.

Youssef Lotfy | Global COO

Youssef Lotfy, son of Abdel-Nasser Lotfy, takes on the role of Global Chief Operations Officer. His specialism in Management Strategy and Finance has allowed Gawharet El Fan to grow to ever stronger positions, and he has been responsible for some of the biggest product changes in Darbuka history.

Ibraheem Malik | Managing Director, Europe & North America

Ibraheem Malik, formerly CEO of Malik Instruments, formally joins our team as Managing Director for Europe and North America. Under Ibraheem Malik's leadership, we are confident that our Western Headquarters will completely transform the world of Oriental Instruments as we know it, to ensure that only the highest quality authentic Egyptian instruments are sold in Western World.

2020 Online Launch

Announcing gawharetelfan.com

After 80 years of trading history, we have decided to officially launch an online store to allow our global community to purchase authentic products directly from us. We acknowledge that there are a great deal of counterfeit sellers of our products in the market, and we are therefore providing a platform for anyone to purchase one of our incredible instruments.

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The Darbuka Mastery Program

We have partnered with the team at Malik Instruments to bring our community an incredible platform to learn to play the Darbuka. The Darbuka Mastery Program is a world leading course that gives the Darbuka player all the skills they need to ascend to the level of Darbuka Mastery.

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An Expert Support Team

We appreciate that there are countless instruments of ours in circulation around the world, and as such our new London team will be providing expert support to our international community. Gawharet El Fan's product support team and retail management team is now available to contact via our Contact Us page.

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