Darbuka For Christmas 2021

To celebrate this winter holiday we are offering a complementary Silver Entry Level Darbuka with each purchase of the Darbuka Mastery Program

To get your complementary Darbuka all you have to do is purchase the Darbuka Mastery Program:

Darbuka Mastery Program:
Start your Darbuka journey with excellence in this Level 1 course. We will start from the bare basics of how to play the Darbuka, and build up from these all the way to the point where you can execute a wide range of popular rhythms with ease and confidence.

Entry Level Darbuka:
An excellent Darbuka which features a unique aesthetic due to the shine and texture of the instrument. At 22cm wide and 48cm you get a very similar sound quality to a regular Darbuka but this instrument is slightly lighter which makes it beginner friendly as the weight of a Sombaty can be uncomfortably heavy for some.

Weight3.7 kg
WidthSkin: 22 cm
Total: 28 cm
Height45 cm
Inner Shell MaterialAluminium
Inner Shell ColourBlack
Design MaterialSilver Paint
Head MaterialPlastic (with metal crimplock) 
Tuning SystemInternal
Tuning Lugs6
Export Grade?No

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