Autumn 2021 Giveaway

Enter our Autumn 2021 giveaway for a chance to win a model from our incredible Pearl Hues collection! Also check out our featured product in the Outlet Collection.

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The Prize

The Fuchsia Orchid Darbuka

This sports the softest magenta Mother of Pearl in great curves, encircling an elegant rose petal, which blends gently into the pale pink Mother of Pearl Tiles, emboldened by highlights of the deepest black. An all-round stunning Darbuka drum.This Darbuka was designed by our experienced team in London and handcrafted by artisans in Egypt. This ensures you get the best possible Darbuka designs and quality.

The Pearl Hues collection was designed in London; our first collection launched solely for the international market. It consists of truly modern and exciting styles.

Technical Specifications

Weight4.7 kg
WidthSkin: 22 cm
Total: 28 cm
Height45 cm
Inner Shell MaterialAluminium
Inner Shell ColourBlack
Design MaterialWhite Mother of Pearl
Coloured Gloss
Head MaterialPlastic (with metal crimplock) 
Tuning SystemInternal
Tuning Lugs6
Export Grade?No

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