Artist Collaboration - Hany Morgan & Osama Abbas

Gawharet El Fan present an incredible collaboration between two of our great artists, Hany Morgan (percussion) and Osama Abbas (guitar). Special thanks goes to Dr Tamer Elsharkawy and Dr Mahmoud Sadek for support in production of this piece.

Collaboration Details

Hany Morgan | Percussion

Hany Morgan began playing percussion at age five and performing Sufi drum and dance at age seven. Raised in a musical family in Cairo, Egypt, he was surrounded by musical art and taught to play the Darbuka by his father. The Morgan family performed Islamic traditional religious choral music in the time of King Farouk. As well as the Darbuka, Hany plays the duff, segat and naye. 

Hany has been the lead drummer for Egypt's famous El Tanoura Dance Troupe in the Sufi tradition for 15 years. He has toured the globe with this large ensemble sponsored by the Egyptian government. As well as composing and teaching, he records and tours with many other musical and dance productions worldwide.

Osama Abbas | Guitar

Osama Abbas is an Egyptian guitarist and luthier. He specialises in Egyptian Guitars, and is the first Egyptian Guitar maker in the world, being the first person to arabise a standard Spanish Guitar.

Osama started manufacturing the Egyptian Guitar in March 2009 and now continues to manufacture incredible guitars with some of the most valuable and finest types of international wood available, most of which are rare and not abdundantly available. 

Gawharet El Fan Signature Sombaty Darbuka

The Darbuka played in this video is a signature Gawharet El Fan Sombaty model. This sound quality is reflected across our entire Sombaty range, and these Sombaty Darbukas can be purchased directly from our website. Shop now. 

Weight: 6.1 kg
Skin Width: 23 cm
Total: 30 cm
Height: 47 cm