What Darbuka Is Used in the Darbuka Mastery Course?

In the Darbuka Mastery Program, we use an Arabic Sombaty Darbuka for all illustrations and teaching. This is our Darbuka of choice, in most matters of teaching and performing. A standard Darbuka is also great. However, it doesn't pack as much of a punch as a Sombaty Darbuka. To read more on whether a standard Darbuka or Sombaty Darbuka would be suitable for you, read our Darbuka Buying Guide where we answer this very question.


Furthermore, we much prefer metal Darbukas to clay Darbukas to teach with, simply because of the ease of not having to tune or heat a clay Darbuka, and the fact that metal Darbukas are lighter and less prone to damage.


The Pearl Temple Artisan Sombaty


The specs of the Darbuka we use are below. Note that a model like this can be easily purchased from the Gawharet El Fan website:


Name: The Pearl Temple Artisan Sombaty

Type: Arabic Sombaty Darbuka

Manufacturer: Gawharet El Fan

Country of Manufacture: Egypt

Weight: 6.1kg

Head width: 23cm

Total width: 30cm

Height: 48cm

Inner shell material: Aluminium

Design Materials:

  • White Mother of Pearl (Nacre)
  • Blue Mother of Pearl (Abalone)
  • Coloured stones
  • Coloured gloss

Head Type: Gawharet El Fan Standard Egyptian Plastic Head

Tuning Lugs: 6


We are 100% confident that this is one of the most fantastic sounding Darbukas available on the open market and would strongly recommend it. It also falls under our Export Grade range of products so you're getting the best quality money can buy. 

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